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Stavros D.

🇬🇷 Hello, I'm Stavros. I am from Athens, Greece. I travel to Greece a lot! I like to cook, play video games, and learn about history—preferably European History. I've been to Germany, Austria, Greece and Nevada. My dream is to go to Scotland, Ireland and England to learn all about the British History there involving castles, and learn more about their culture. I like to cook food from all cultures, but mostly Greek food, because it is just so good with the all the flavoring and spices that come with it. I usually play video games that are a bit more competitive that usual ones, because I am competitive and like to win :). Some games I do play that involve my interests are Civilization 5, and Total War Warhammer. I like traveling because getting to see new things, and different cultures, makes me happy.


Stavros D., Writer

Apr 15, 2019
What Foods to Eat When Going to Greece! (Story)
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Stavros D.