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Rutley B
My name is Rutley, I live in Redondo with my family. I also live with my sister but we don't talk about her. As you can see by my featured image, my favorite restaurant in the world is Chick Fil A and will always be Chick Fil A. The food there is just so amazing even though it may not be the healthiest, and it gets even better with the ranch and zesty buffalo sauces. My whole diet basically revolves around Chick Fil A and I'm trying to make a strategy in order to be able to eat the most Chick Fil A possible without dying. Other than developing tactics to eat the most Chick Fil A, my other hobbies include video games, soccer, coding, and playing the ukulele. I also love to skateboard even though I'm not very good, but I'm just learning so that's fine in my opinion.

Rutley B, Writer

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Rutley B