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Kendall C
One of my favorite things to do, and my biggest hobby, is dance. I have been dancing for about nine years. Dancing is something I really enjoy because I get to just think about my moves and nothing else. I also really enjoy traveling, which I do a lot. When I travel, I learn about many other cultures and ideas. I have been all around Europe, Canada, Asia, and many other places. Other things I enjoy are swimming, shopping, eating, and sleeping. I enjoy those things because I get to relax and have fun while doing them. Another thing I enjoy is volleyball. I like volleyball because of the  way it works, the steps, and because it is fun. Things I do in my free are watching T.V., hanging out with my friends, and mostly relax.


Kendall C, Writer

Apr 11, 2019
The Inspiration of Dance (Story)
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Kendall C