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I'm Kaila (KY-LA). I enjoy playing volleyball, and I am on the Surfside 14 Gold team. I have one sister in my family of 4.  I am into pop music, and I love the artist Billie Eilish, her songs are amazing.  My favorite song of hers, (even though I like them all,) is "hostage." I love hanging out with my friends, and going to the beach. I am in advanced math. I have only lived in two houses my entire life; I used to live in Redondo Beach.  My favorite color is teal, (turquoise). My favorite animal is a bunny because they are really cute. I LOVE the youtubers Emma Chamberlain, the Dolan Twins, and James Charles, (the sister squad). One place that I want to travel to is Alaska (in the winter) because it is snowing at the time. Byeeee

Kaila, Writer

May 24, 2019
Meet Ms. Loth🍎 (Story)
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