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My twin sister and I were born on February third in 2006. When we turned about two months old we moved to Burgos, Spain to join my mother's family. Since then we alternated our time in each country. We learned Spanish as our first language, and then learned English. I taught myself to read around the age of eighteen months. Around the age of three I began writing stories and researching things that interested me. I went to preschool in Spain and I learned to add, subtract and multiply. I was always a top student there, and when I came back the the United States I continued to be that way. Every year since then I kept alternating from being in school in the US, to coming to school in Spain. In second grade I spent the entire school year in Spain. However, after the fourth grade, and schoolwork became more serious, it changed. We visited our family in the summer. I began taking up more after school activities and discovered a passion for dancing. I became part of a pre-professional ballet company of which I am still part of today.

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