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I enjoy being outside, moving around, and playing sports. Baseball and basketball are the two sports I play competitively. I have gone all around the country for baseball. Another thing is, I like to do is play catch with a Frisbee. I recently went camping, and one game I played was mountain golf. In this game, each competitor has a Frisbee, and they all collectively pick a tree. Whoever hits the tree in the least amount of Frisbee throws, wins.  Amazon has a variety of choices of Frisbees to get, including my favorite, the Aerobie Superdisc. I also like to go on hikes. A great hike and mountain golf spot is the top destination of the Aerial Tram in Palm Springs. There are hills and many trees for an ultimate mountain golf hike. Hoosier Tim's Travel Videos on Youtube shows an amazing recap of the ride up the tram, which is also one of the most beautiful rides I have ever taken. Lastly, I love going to the beach. I, unlike others, enjoy body surfing over boogie boarding or surfing. Even though I live closer to Hermosa, Manhattan and Redondo beaches, my favorite beach to go to is Torrance Beach. If you'd like to check out this beach, tap on this link. Torrance Beach Directions.

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