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Hi I'm Miranda, I was born in sunny Hermosa Beach, California and currently live here with my family. I enjoy many things such as creating online videos for people to watch, designing things such as clothing and houses, and doing dance. I did ballet from ages 3-8 but quit after I got busy. I did gymnastics for only a couple months, and stopped that because I injured myself from it. I now do modern dance/hip hop, but have only been doing it for two weeks. One of my favorites memories as a young child was riding my bike with my mom and dad every Sunday, then going to lunch. I watch YouTube very often, and some of my favorite YouTubers are James Charles, a 19 year old male make up artist taking the internet by storm, Emma Chamberlain, and a 17 year old female who got famous for drinking iced coffee and talking while driving in her car. I also love Hannah Meloche, who is also 17. she posts vlogs of her days at school, and posts really cute and inspiring videos. I could go on and on about my favorites, but that would take forever.

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