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Gabriella, Editor

Hi my name is Gabriella. Some things you should know about me is, I have a twin sister. You can commonly find me singing or dancing. I do theater and I love to be on stage. I am good with people and I love animals. I have a pet cat named Joia, and a pet dog named Oats. I read a lot and I do well in school. I do not have a favorite color, nor a favorite animal because I love them all. I enjoy going to Broadway shows and watching funny animated movies. I love to draw and people consider me creative. I have many nicknames. One is Dizzy the teddy bear. This name was a created piece by piece. I got the name Dizzy from trapeze. I got the name Teddy Bear from my friends at school. My friends say I am like a teddy bear because I am always there to give a hug, and is sweet and cuddly. Some friends I made in a summer camp combined the two names, hence Dizzy the teddy bear.

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