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Alejandro the Great:

I enjoy playing sports, hanging out with my friends, and math. I cannot be inside for too long, so I like spend as much time as I can outside, whether it is for playing sports, or just enjoying nature. Some sports I play are soccer and Taekwondo. I also love to go hiking in the mountains and I love mountain sports. That includes hiking, camping, skiing, snowboarding, and backpacking. I am a big time traveler. I have been to four European countries, and three Asian countries. I would very much recommend traveling to other countries. Another thing I enjoy doing is playing Fortnite. Fortnite is a video game in which you have 100 people jump out of a flying bus, and the last man/team standing wins. I don't like Language Arts and I find it quite boring, though I very much enjoy Math. One reason I like Math is because there is a right and a wrong. Plus, in Language Arts you get essays back a month after you turn it in, unlike Math, where you get it back in a week at most.

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