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  • June 5On Friday 6/21 it is a minimum day 12:30 dismissal and last day of school!!
  • June 5On Thursday 6/20 8th Grade Graduation and dance
  • May 29There are 2 more days left in the school year! :)
Sara S
Hello! My name is Sara, I like to be outside, play golf, hang out with my friends, and go for runs. I love traveling to different places, but I've only been to Hawaii and Nevada, which were really fun. I also like to see my family and visit them during holidays, and get gifts from them, too. I also love to always be doing something active, like going to a trampoline park, going to the park, going to to the beach, and rock climbing, which I love. I like to go on my phone but I usually only spend an hour on it a day just because I like being outside. I also like to go on roller coasters because they are super fun and they are always so exciting to go on. I really like the big ones with the big drops because I like seeing the whole park before you drop. I also like to watch the sunset from my roof because all the colors are really pretty.

Sara S, writer

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