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  • June 5On Friday 6/21 it is a minimum day 12:30 dismissal and last day of school!!
  • June 5On Thursday 6/20 8th Grade Graduation and dance
  • May 29There are 2 more days left in the school year! :)
Lucine Downes
Some things about me are, things that I love playing lacrosse it is my favorite sport. I love animals and being outdoors, I love swimming and hanging out at the beach, I've been going to the beach for a very long time. My favorite subject is math, it is also one of my strong subjects, I get it really well and an easy learner. I love hanging out with my friends going out to lunch. I am flexible (with ideas) with almost everything. I enjoy many things. When I am older I want to become a professional girls lacrosse player, but sadly there is no league for that, maybe when I am older there could be one. If that doesn't work out I want to be an architect, it involves math, which is good so because I like math and I am good at it. Some of my closest friends are Gretchen, Greta, and Alina, I love hanging out with them, they are all really good friends and I am really glad to have them as friends. I also love photography and taking pictures of the adventures I go on with my friends and family.

Lucine, Writer

Feb 14, 2019
Conspiracy Theory: Was the First Moon Landing Staged? (Story)
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