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  • June 6 On 6/18 Thursday Perfect Attendance Kona Ice Party from 1-2

  • June 5On Friday 6/21 it is a minimum day 12:30 dismissal and last day of school!!

  • June 5On Thursday 6/20 8th Grade Graduation and dance

Henry C
Hey, I am Henry. I love national parks and all outdoorsy things. I also play lacrosse. I have 3 other siblings who all team up and bully me because I am the smallest. I love animals, as you can see by my profile pic, my favorites are bison and hawks as well as trouts. Those are great but I can not eat all of them, I love every food and especially love PORK. I have the cutest dog named (Ph)Millie and by the way, DOGS are Way Better Than Cats. Cats are idiotic animals and if you want to join a club making fun of cat owners and other dumb things, reply Catter Hatters inc. 

Henry C, Writer

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