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  • June 5On Friday 6/21 it is a minimum day 12:30 dismissal and last day of school!!
  • June 5On Thursday 6/20 8th Grade Graduation and dance
  • May 29There are 2 more days left in the school year! :)
Dylan S
First off I love basketball. I play about six days a week and I always love playing. I play a basketball tournament almost every weekend, which may seem like a lot but after a while you get used to it. I also love hanging out with friends and family because they always give me their support and make me feel like I belong. I also like video games because I can be able to communicate with my friends online and also play games that I very much enjoy. Some other random hobbies I have are fantasy sports, mini golf, and laser tag because these things give me joy either when I win a fantasy sports league or get a hole in one in mini golf.

Dylan S, Writer

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