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Middle School Survival Tips


Everyone needs to arrive at 7:50 am to receive a full service point. Once your whole group is there you can grab a box full of equipment from the office and then put on your yellow vests. One person is a crossing guard and holds a “stop” sign to help cross people across the street safely. A few other people from your group get to open and close the car doors letting the kids out. The people who still don’t have a job direct the cars where to drop their kids off. Usually around  8:15-8:20 a teacher will tell you it is time to go to class so you will just put the equipment back in the box and she will take it back for you.

When to Use Your Locker

In the morning  the lockers open at 8:15 am. You are able to use your locker before school, in between classes, at nutrition, lunch, and after school. You should use your locker to hold school supplies that you don’t need for your next few classes, so your backpack is not as heavy. To open your locker you will get a three number code at registration, to use that code you twist to the right, then left, and then to the right one last time. After you do that you just pull up really hard on the handle and your locker should open if you did everything correctly. If you can’t get your locker to open you need to go to the front office and let them know because they will help you. After you put something in your locker or take something out, make sure you have everything you need for your next class because you are not allowed to go to your locker during class to get something.

How to Get Service Points

To get service points you have to email a teacher in advance to see when your allowed to help out. After a teacher says you are able to come and you do what he or she wants you to do you need to record it in your reminder binder. In your reminder binder on page 23 is your Hermosa Valley service points log. In your service points log you have to write the date, how long you worked, the number of points, what you did and then have the teacher sign it. 15 minutes is half of a service point. 30 minutes is one full point. In order to go to outdoor science school you have to have a total of 5 or more service points. To do something fun at the end of the year you need to have 10 or more service points.

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Middle School Survival Tips