The Daily Dolphin

  • October 11Friday, October 26: I am ¨ JEAN-ious¨ I make HEALTHY Choices: Wear your jeans and your HVS t-shirt to school!

  • October 11Thursday October 25: Team Up for Wellness: Wear you favorite team jersey to school!

  • October 11Wednesday, October 24: Put a Cap on a Healthy Lifestyle and Unite against Bullying: Wear you favorite cap and orange T-shirt to school!


Interesting Things Happening; January Edition

Marshmallow Tower: STEAM 1.0 6th grade students will do this probably the week of 1/29/18-2/2/18.

Fidget Spinner/Tech Deck: STEAM 2.0 7th grade students will start both the day we come back from winter break (1/8/18). Each project will last about 2.5 weeks.
Coding self portrait: STEAM 2.0 7th grade students will start on 1/18/19 and will complete after 2 weeks.
Create an app: STEAM 2.0 7th grade students will likely begin the week of 2/5/18-2/9/18 and will work on for 2 weeks.
Board game: Tech and STEAM 3.0 8th grade students are currently completing this. The project will be done on 1/26/18.
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