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The History Of California

Leo and Jimmy

May 29, 2019

California has a lot of culture and different parts to it, such as deserts, mountains, beaches, and forests all in one state, but did you know that there is way more to California than just that? California is probably one of the most diverse states in the world  because of its cultures and history.   Califor...

The “Mona Lisa” and “A Starry Night”- What’s the Big Deal?

April 30, 2019

From the Mona Lisa to A Starry Night, paintings have played a huge role in our lives. We use painting to express ourselves or just to tell a story. Paintings all over the world show dignity, hard work, and passion. The Mona Lis...

The History of Gucci

The History of Gucci

April 19, 2019


Nail-Biting Fashion

March 28, 2019

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