Da Nang, Vietnam


Da Nang, Vietnam

If you are ever looking for a unique beach city to visit for the summer, go to Da Nang in Vietnam!

   If you are looking for a beach city to spend time at in a different country, you should go visit Da Nang in Vietnam. Unlike most beach cities, Da Nang has some culture blended in with it. If you are visiting Da Nang and you want just relax by the beach, just lay in the sun by the beach or go into the ocean and just enjoy the nice warm water. But, if you want to see some of the culture or some shops in Vietnam, you can also look at all of the restaurants and shops.

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  Da Nang is the Vietnam third largest city. Da Nang is also a busy commercial port. Da Nang is the third largest city in Vietnam and is the biggest city in Central Vietnam. Da Nang is known as a first class city, Da Nang is also a more modernized city than any other of Vietnamese cities.

    Da Nang has two parts of the city, the beach part and the city part. The beach part of Da Nang is almost always quiet and very relaxing. At the beach part of Da Nang, you can hear the waves crashing, feel the hot sand seep between you toes, and if you go into the water, the ocean would usually feel like an heated pool. The ocean would feel so warm because it already so hot and there is nothing to block the sun from the ocean. The ocean would look like you just got a lass of water and added the faintest food coloring of teal and that was it. The beach is so beautiful especially the ocean. With the water being so see through, you can see the ground, and there is no seaweed at all! The waves at the beaches are not to big and not too small, just right. With those waves, you can boogie board, body surf, and surf. If you are staying at an hotel, the hotel will usually let you rent a jetski, a paddle board, or a surfboard, but you may have to pay. But usually hotels will allow you to rent boogie board for free. If you stay at hotel with a private beach, like the Furama Resort. They will have multiple chairs and umbrellas outside. With all of the chairs, you can just leave your stuff there and jump right into the ocean, or just relax on the chair, take a nap, or sunbathe.

   The other part of Da Nang is the city part. The city part of Da Nang is like the total opposite of the beach part of Da Nang. The city part is loud, crowded, bustling, and always busy. In the city part of Da Nang, there are roads full of motorcycles, scooter, bikes, cars, and taxis. The road is packed with them, also the people on the road don’t follow the rules and merge onto the other side. Also there is many restaurants there. At the city part of Da Nang you can either eat a totally traditional meal, or eat a meal that is a bit modernized but still has some of the traditional flavors. For the two different types of restaurants you should eat at. If you are used to eating unique stuff with strong flavors and spices or have eaten traditional meals from around asia, you should be fine or okay with all of the flavors for a traditional Vietnamese meal. But, if you have never had a traditional Vietnamese meal or a traditional meal somewhere in asia, and it is your first time, I would probably recommend the modernized yet still a bit traditional meal. That way, you will not get overwhelmed with all of the flavors or spices. After you have had the modernized yet still traditional meal, then I would recommend trying a safe yet traditional meal.

Also in the city part of Da Nang, there are many venders on the sidewalk selling food. But, the thing is, that they are not selling hot dogs, hamburgers, or pretzels like in New York, the venders in Da Nang sell fresh all sorts of stuff, but they are almost always freshly made there. The venders in Da Nang usually sell all sorts of fruits like durian, jackfruit, longan, lychee, dragonfruit, rambutan, mangosteen, or starfruit. These fruits are so good because they taste so fresh and unique. Also some vendors sell freshly made pastries. When I went to Vietnam, I would see multiple ladies or men selling pastries freshly made right in front of you. The would make egg rolls and other pastries. Also, there would be multiple vendors selling clothes, shoes, and other supplies. Also, if you go to the city part of Vietnam at night, it would still be very hot and crowded.

Many people believe that Da Nang is their favorite city in Vietnam, while other people believe that Da Nang is not their favorite city but in their top five favorites, while other people just does not like Da Nang at all. I prefer Da Nang compared to the other cities because it is very different because other cities are just the city while Da Nang is both the city and the beach. I asked my family who have also been to Da Nang many times before too. I first asked a simple question, which was, do you like Vietnam, if so, why? First I asked my sister and she said “ Yes, I really like Vietnam because Da Nang has a beach and is very relaxing.” Then, I asked my mom who has been to Vietnam more than three times the question, and she said “ I do like Da Nang because sometimes I want to go explore the city, but sometimes I get tired and would rather just relax at the beach.” The last person I asked was my dad, he said, “ I like Vietnam because it is different compared to the other cities, its has the same culture in the city and also is a little modernized in the beach section with all of the hotels.

The city, Da Nang in Vietnam is a beautiful city that many people to visit because it is so unique.