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“Becoming America's Favorite Dessert Shop”

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“Becoming America’s Favorite Dessert Shop”

Wanna Chill is a fun place where you can get shaved ice, smoothies, frozen yogurt, ice cream and more. If you are craving something sweet Wanna Chill is the right place to go. When you first walk in the you probably smell the sweet smell of shaved ice.

There are thousands of options at Wanna Chill some of my favorite flavors that you might want to try are Red Raspberry, Hawaiian Punch, Lemonade, and Cotton Candy. On your shaved ice the most flavors that you can get are three, but you can also have toppings on the side or on top and ice cream with your shaved ice. You can also see what the top ten flavors are by asking what flavors people buy the most. The top ten flavors are Blue Raspberry, Blue Bubblegum, Cherry, Strawberry, Tigers Blood, Watermelon, Pineapple, Blue Hawaii, Green Apple, and Root Beer. Some of my favorite combos are, the Complicated Order, which is Lemon, Lime, drizzled with Blue Raspberry and Green Apple Shaved Ice with Sour Spray. Another favorite is the Big Stick, which is Pineapple, Orange, Lemon, Cherry Shave Ice.

Wanna Chill offers two main franchise options. The first one is the Wanna Chill cart. This is a cart that sells shaved ice, but not any other of the stuff that the store menu offers. The last franchise option is the food truck. The food truck sells shaved ice, ice cream, and smoothies. This franchise does not serve frozen yogurt. This is a fun thing to have for parties or other events.

A location that is closest to people who live in Hermosa, Mathenn, or Redondo is at 800 S Pacific Coast Hwy, Redondo Beach. If you live somewhere else here is the link for where you can find if there is one near you – Locations.  Be aware that the Wanna Chill on 625 B N Pacific Coast Hwy has sadly closed. It is the Wanna Chill that was by the Carl’s Jr and the Redondo Beach School of Dance and Music.

On the website Wanna Chill explains who they are. “First, Wanna Chill? is a business that serves a variety of cool, or what we call “chill” desserts.  Our flagship product is Hawaiian Style Shave Ice.  To round out the menu we offer Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt, and Smoothies.  If you are in the mood for something tasty, cool, and sweet then you definitely Wanna Chill.  You crave it, we shave it, scoop it, blend it, or pour it. Second, we are a business that cares.  To meet the various needs and preferences of our customers our shave ice syrups contain no high fructose corn syrup or preservatives.  We offer sugar free options.  And, we offer a variety of all natural” syrup flavors.  If you care, we care. Third, we are a business that reaches out to our community.   We strive to be active in our local schools and organizations.  We support fund raisers and community events.  Giving back is a pillar of who we are. Finally, we are a business that’s pretty cool!   Our product was inspired by a Hawaiian tradition, but we’ve infused it with a little California swagger. We have fun.  We are doing what we love and our customers love that we are doing it.  Visit a Wanna Chill?, talk to our customers, and you’ll totally understand that this is the stuff that dreams are made of.” You can click the link above to see Wanna Chill’s website.