The Host


This Korean movie shocked viewers back in 2006 with a crazy situation with a killer monster


The movies starts when an American Military scientist ordered his assistant to dump hazardous materials into the Han river. Years later a man about to commits sees a huge black siloteer.  A huge monster comes out the water and starts eat people. A man’s teenage daughter along with other are kidnapped by the beast. The man and his family then set off to kill the beast and save his daughter.

Ben’s Reaction

For my out of comfort zone experience I watch the Korean film the Host. The film is in Korean. The movie is easily accessible it’s free to stream on Netflix. My thought about watching the movie was that I thought that I was not going to like it because I thought it would be different movie was just like watching an American film. The movie had a scary monster and really good characters. I thought that I would be tuned out or maybe get bored but the full movie was pretty entertaining. The monster felt like the shark from jaws if it was a land shark.

Austin’s Reaction

This movie was a good experience for me and I really enjoyed it. I thought that I would not like the Korean movie but it turned out to be scary and also funny at some parts. The movie is a monster movie and it reminded me of Godzilla. At different times I was laughing really hard and I was also curled up into a ball when the monster got close. There is a monster that is born by toxic waste dumping, a teenage father is working at his dad’s shop when the monster emerges from the depths of the Han River. Throughout the film he teams up with his family members to find his daughter.


The Host is a great movie with action, science fiction, comedy, and suspense. When we planned on watching this movie we thought it would be ridiculous but it turned out to surprise me and Ben. After writing this article the movie starts to be reminder of Netflix’s Stranger Things. It has a great plot and story. I personally thought maybe someday some idiot will drop chemicals in the ocean and create a crazy dangerous monster like in The Host.