HVS Sports Overview

HVS vs Adams



      HVS vs Adams

By:Max Jonas, Robert Love, Van Graw, and Charlie Webb

Football and Volleyball

Football: 12-0 L

Girls Volleyball A: 2-1 W

Girls Volleyball B: 2-0 W

The undefeated streak dating back to 2014 was SNAPPED as HVS lost to Adams Middle School. HVS was shut out on the offensive side. It was difficult for our defense to cover the large Adams’ receivers. This year HVS has a majority of sixth and seventh graders which could lead to size issues. The offensive line didn’t have their best game. There were 8 sacks and the pressure from the defensive line caused easy interceptions. It didn’t help that the receivers and Nico weren’t on the same page. Some of the passes were dropped and some were just poorly throw due to pressure on the quarterback. Our d-line was great as Truman Polich and Will Austin flushed the opposing QB out of the pocket multiple times. Unfortunately for us, Adams’ QB decided to run the ball rather than pass to his receivers. The Adams receivers usually went deep, dragging our defense back and allowing open space for their speedy QB to run for yards and yards.

         The volleyball A team kept their undefeated streak together after a close win in the third match. We were favored to win by a lot but the A team’s passing almost lost the game. They had to come back from behind after they lost the first game. After they lost the first game they knew it was going to be tough coming back on the road. They went on to win the second set. After that they knew the third set was going to be a hard fought battle to 15. Nykayla and Sofia Igloi went off scoring most of the points. After the third set HVS won 15-9, securing the win.

        The volleyball B team has been on an incredible streak winning every single set they have played. They played really good winning both sets by a lot. Our serves were on point and our passing was even better. The B team is on track for a perfect season. One game that I would circle on the schedule is against MBMS. It appeared to be a good day for volleyball.