COVID Restrictions Halt Catalina Experience

Adding to the list of activities halted by the pandemic, the seventh grade Catalina trip was cancelled. 

The annual seventh grade Catalina field trip is typically a chance for  students to go on adventurous activities and get to learn about science in a fun way.

Catalina Island Marine Institute is the traditional location for the seventh grade field trip. All field trips were halted this year due to COVID-19. (Courtesy of the Port of Los Angeles)

In a normal year, Catalina is a great experience for students.  There is snorkeling, kayaking, hiking and so much hands-on learning about marine life and island ecosystems,” said Hannah Loth, science teacher and Catalina trip chaperone.

“I like it because I love going on little activities. It was very organized. We could attach to a group and we could learn a lot about the students.”

While it is an educational the field trip with some risks, students enjoy the time there.

“I did not like the boat ride over because a lot of people were throwing up, but I loved the hikes, kayaking, and the night swim. I

t was very fun,” ninth grade Mira Costa High School student Tucker F. said.

Even though seventh grade didn’t get to go on the Catalina trip, sixth grade students are hoping they will have the opportunity to go to Catalina.

“I am looking forward to Catalina, I hope it lives up to the hype,” sixth grade HVS student Jake L. said.

Assuming that field trips are allowed next year, the field trip will be a welcome return to normal.

 “The Catalina trip is my favorite week of the year in seventh grade science,” Loth said.