Fandoms a Solution to Boredom

Through out quarantine, many of students have become very bored. To cure boredom students can check out some fandoms. Fandoms are fanbases for video games, bands, movies, and more. There are many different kinds of fandoms and many ways to connect with fandoms via the internet.

When joining a fandom, there are many different options to choose from. Popular with middle school students are the Homestuck, Eddsworld, and Naruto fandoms.

Not all fandoms are alike, however. Each has its own personality as diverse as the content.

Hermosa Valley students enjoy sharing about their favorite fandoms during nutrition. (Rihanna C. )

“Everyone is nicer in the Undertale fandom than the Homestuck fandom, and it is less toxic,” eighth grade Hermosa Valley student Isabella R. said.

Sometimes fans will go to extremes to support their fandom. For example, someone from the Homestuck fandom had no gray face paint to paint their face for a cosplay, so they put black Sharpies and rubbing alcohol in a bathtub and bathed in it. This caused serious injuries to their body.

“The Eddsworld fandom is not toxic because people are caring and kind in it,” HVS student Agatha said.

Naruto is a manga that is basically about a mythical ninja named Naruto, and his life as he tries to become the hokage.

“I think the characters are pretty great in Naruto,” said seventh grade HVS student Brooklyn L. said.