Roundhouse Aquarium Reopens After Renovations

Many people are familiar with the Roundhouse Aquarium, but did you know it just got renovated. The aquarium once again welcomed visitors Saturday, April 3, after a year of off and on coronavirus related closures. 

Garibaldi Fish
Seventh grade student Jessie A. poses with a Garibaldi fish. The Roundhouse Aquarium allows locals to California native sea life up close. (Estelle F.)

To visit the aquarium guests must make reservations to enter the aquarium. If they do not have a reservation, they must wait for the next available 15 minute slot. Groups of six or no more as 12 people are allowed in the building at one time, due to coronavirus health guidelines. 

“Well to be honest with you, the aquarium before the renovations was very rundown. It needed an uplift, and our life support systems were really bad,” Eric Martin, co-director at the Manhattan Beach Aquarium said. 

The aquarium made major improvements in their life support systems and the interior of the aquarium. They did this to provide more protection for the animals and make the aquarium inside a better place to visit for people. 

“I like that the aquarium has a lot of cool, unique animals, and that I get to touch them all. I also like how the workers there showed me around and taught me about the sea life,” seventh grade Hermosa Valley student Chinny H. said.

Overall the Manhattan Beach Aquarium is committed to providing ocean science education for all, and protecting local sea life. 

“We try to build awareness about what is out here so people have more respect for the ocean,” said Eric Martin. The workers at the aquarium do all they can to make the ocean a safe habitat for the animals.