Junior Lifeguard Program Resumes

Due to coronavirus regulations most summer activities were prohibited last year. With the help of widespread vaccination and low transmission rates in the state, the annual summer Junior Lifeguard program returns to local beaches.

Junior lifeguards complete in the annual Taplin event. One of the main events is paddle boarding.
(Courtesy of Junior Lifeguards)

Junior Lifeguards is a very popular summer program that many teenagers enjoy.  The California Junior Lifeguard Program consists of 3-week long day camps providing instruction in first-aid, CPR, ocean safety, rescue techniques, surfing and bodyboarding. Instruction, supervision and activities are managed by the California Junior Lifeguard Programs Inc. One reason tweens and teens join the program is to hang out with their friends at the beach.

“I enjoy Junior Guards because it gets you into better shape while having fun. It also teaches about ocean safety which is very important. Junior Guards allows you to do activities you wouldn’t be able to do normally. You’re also with a bunch of your friends so even if that day isn’t the best, your friends make it better,” seventh grade Hermosa Valley student Kai. S said.

The Junior Lifeguards program offers many choices for participants. They can choose from a variety of beach locations. They also choose whether to attend the morning or afternoon session. In addition, there are two sessions. 

“In my opinion second session is a definitely better choice because the water is a bit warmer during second session and you don’t miss any days of school. In the first session if you are a student at HVS you miss the last week of school. The last week of school is not very important but it is good to show up,” Kai. S said.

There is a fee to attend Junior Guards. It costs $550 to sign up. While not required, additional swim trunks, sweatshirts and towels are available for purchase. This can add $100 more dollars to the cost. Campers will also need plenty of sunscreen.

“These beach towels are the best. They’re so much better than normal towels. When I dry off after getting out of the ocean it doesn’t even take more than a couple minutes. If I were going into JG’s I would get it. If you don’t get it, I don’t know what’s wrong with you,” Hermosa Valley student Justin. L said.