Cars For Cleaner Beach Air

About 70 million tons of pollution were emitted into the air in 2019, but there’s an easy way to reduce one’s carbon footprint. 

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Buying a Tesla is the best thing you can do for the environment not because of the direct emissions that it prevents, but because of all the indirect emissions it will prevent!” said Kurt Lowder, writer for

But Tesla isn’t the only electric car producer out there; other brands such as Ford, Nissan, and Toyota are making changes to their line-up and adding all-electric vehicle options too. 

“I think it’s probably fair to say that Tesla has advanced sustainable energy by at least five years, conservatively, and maybe closer to 10, and then if we continue to make progress, we might advance it by 20 years. This could be all the difference in the world,” said Tesla CEO Elon Musk in a podcast interview.

Buying an electric car isn’t the only way to help the environment and make our air cleaner. Riding a bike to work or school, taking an electric bus, and other forms of transportation also reduces one’s carbon footprint. 

Buying an EV is incredibly empowering and will lead to further environmental action. It is a way for them to get their foot in the door in terms of living a sustainable lifestyle. Once you buy an EV, you are more likely to buy solar, make your home more efficient, become an effective environmental advocate who walks the walk.” said Lowder.

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