Electric Bikes Swarm the South Bay

The new, popular and fast way of travel known as electric bikes has kids, teens and even adults riding them all around town.

Many people buy electric bikes only for the ease of them, especially teens under the age of 16 who cannot drive yet. 

e-bike rider
Seventh grade Hermosa Valley student Logan W. drives his electric bike to Clark Field. (Cooper M.)

“They are convenient to ride because mine goes 25 miles per hour which is the speed limit on many of the streets I ride on,” seventh grade Hermosa Valley student Logan W. said.

 Although numerous owners of electric bikes find them useful, others feel differently.

“I think electric bike [riders] should have a license because I see kids less than the age of 12 zipping in and out of cars,” HVS Principal Sue Casillas said. 

Despite this fact, the Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach police have regulations to ensure these e-bikes are ridden safely. To maintain this they hand out tickets whenever they see someone breaking the law.

“I got a ticket one time from texting on my phone at a stop light in Manhattan Beach,” Logan W. said. 

Even people that don’t have e-bikes are able to ride them because of seats and racks on the bike.

“I like being on the back of e-bikes because then it means I don’t have to ride my own and instead share someone else’s,” seventh grade HVS student Jessie A. said.