Trends of TikTok

The quickly growing social media app, TikTok, has many trends allowing users to express themselves to millions who are on the app.

Users on the platform can enjoy many types of content, either created by themselves or others. Some trends on TikTok are lip syncing, dancing, MCYT, anime, POV’s, and comedic videos.

TikTok star Charlie Damelio dances to Renegade.
TikTok star Charlie Damelio dances to Renegade. (Courtesy of TikTok)

TikTok has especially become more popular with COVID-19 which caused students to stay at home and be on their phone more often.

“I downloaded TikTok because of friends and I was bored during quarantine,” seventh grade Hermosa Valley student Rachel C. said.

TikTok uses music and eye-catching designs to capture their users attention. Like many social-medias, users quickly become addicted. Students who use TikTok enjoy the app for the ability to keep up with friends, watch enjoyable content, and express themselves.

“TikTok is fun and I can see a lot of trends that I like. I like the Minecraft videos,” seventh grade HVS student Veronica C. said. 

Along with Minecraft videos, there are many other trends on TikTok. A popular trend is dancing to music. Charlie D’amelio and Addison Rae are popular creators on the platform who both dance and lip sync.

There are many trends on Tiktok that affects the outside world, too. Alt style has quickly become one of the most popular styles on TikTok, along with cottagecore, emo, and kidcore. Some students at HVS mimic these styles at school.

TikTok not only affects the outside world through trends, but has caused many people to become more social media obsessed and spending more time on their phone. 

“TikTok affects people by making them more obsessed with social media because it’s so addicting,” seventh grade student Jordana J. said.