Math Teacher Passionate About HVS

As she walks around her classroom and takes a sip of her Starbucks coffee, she cannot wait to start another day of teaching her students.

Ms. Gonzalez math class
Math teacher Monique Gonzalez presents an upcoming project to her seventh grade students.

Ms. G. is devoted to teaching. She loves helping students with math problems. She helps student after student and she enjoys every second of it.

“Teaching was my passion ever since I was four. I used to line up my stuffed animals and I used to play school with them and pretend that I would grade their papers,” Hermosa Valley math teacher Monique Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez started teaching in Arizona for four years and then joined HVS. She has taught at HVS for 10 years and plans for many more years to come.

“The community and students are wonderful and I want to finish teaching here at Hermosa Valley,” Gonzalez said.

She appreciates how kind her students are.

”When I got my master’s degree my students were congratulating me with a cart full of cards and emails,” Gonzalez said.

Ms. Gonzalez teaches math creatively.

“I like that she creates games for us to play in class,” seventh grade HVS student HVS Ben S. said.

Her students not only play games but Gonzalez also teaches them a strong foundation in math.

“I like that she is strict but not too strict,”seventh grade HVS student Conor H. said