South Bay Restaurants Struggle

The south bay has 1000’s of restaurants, old and new. However, they all have one thing in common–struggling due to COVID-19.

Hermosa Beach Pier
Pier restaurants have taken advantage of the popularity of outdoor seating during the COVID-19 pandemic. (Demetri K.)

Due to state regulations, restaurants were forced to provide outdoor seating. This inconvenience, however, is now a popular way to dine.

This new seating arrangement is convenient for some, but annoying for others. 

Amigos Tacos is doing a good job of managing COVID-19 regulations, but I’d say that restaurants should have more outside seating,” seventh grade Hermosa Valley student Krish D. said. 

Some of the rules restaurants have to follow during the pandemic include: no more than six people at one table, indoor seating capacity limited to 25%, condiments and menus are one use. 

Take out dining has also become more popular due to the additional regulations.

”Ordering in is the way to go. I still like the restaurant experience, but it’s not the same with COVID-19,” seventh grade HVS student Graham L. said.

Every restaurant during the pandemic has struggled, some even going out of business. With more residents vaccinated and county rules changing, restaurants will be able to offer more inside dining.

“I think that it is good that they are getting more publicity. I also think it’s good that they have outdoor seating but they should have more indoor seating now, “ seventh grade Hermosa Valley student Chase P. said.

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