Student Athletes Rapidly Return to Sports

As of the last few months, many local sports leagues in Hermosa Beach have opened back up as vaccinations rolled out and COVID-19 cases declined.

State Coronavirus disease guidelines have prevented children from playing sports. Studies showed, kids’ mental health declined.

“Ninety one percent of kids around the world have been affected in a way they cannot go outside. They are limited to their home environments or at best their neighborhoods. There is a significant increase in stress, anxiety and feeling of helplessness,” Stanford’s Chief of the Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Dr. Antonio Harden said.

lacrosse athlete
Seventh grade student athlete Christian H. returns to lacrosse after COVID-19 lockdown. (Photo Courtesy of Christian H.)

According to, physical activity may help to protect mental health. Some students started to develop depression through the closing of sports. Many students who love sports were sad because this was the one activity they could escape to. Now as sports leagues are reopening kids are happier again.

“I was really mad because I was just starting to get into sports and reaching my peak of skill, and then it went downhill. Later, I started to get my groove back and had to find new coaches and club teams. I think I am better than when I first started playing sports,”  seventh grade Hermosa Valley student athlete Luke L. said.

Students are excited to see sports opening back up. Some students may have been affected themselves.

“I’m very happy to see that sports are coming back and I think it’s pretty great for everyone physically and mentally. As long as we have safety in a mask or other kinds of protections, I am fine with it,” seventh grade HVS student athlete Kai S. said.

Although sports are opening back up, coaches and commissioners have to do this very thoughtfully and slowly to prevent any future outbreaks. There are a few sports that continue to stay closed right now.

“Nearly every sporting event, major and minor, has been canceled, moved or postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic. The question now, to which no one really knows the answer, is when games will come back,” New York Times sports graphic editor Joe Ward said.