Popular Spot for Hermosa Beach Students

Local Farmers Market

The Hermosa Beach Farmers Market is an easily-accessible location for the community to spend their afternoon out in the sun every Friday.

Students are returning to the farmers market to experience the fun at booths. With the farmers market reopening after closing due to COVID-19 there are some newly opened booths, along with some that have left.

Maria’s Catering is a very family-friendly booth selling many foods and drinks including their original kettle corn. (Courtesy Hermosa Farmers Market Instagram)

Current vendors offer a wonderful world of fresh fruits and food making this an eye-catching place for students to spend their time.

“I don’t want to go home yet and my friends are there,” seventh grade Hermosa Valley student Kaileen N. said.

The Farmer’s market sells many different types of items including plants, different drinks, and lots of different foods from a variety of cultures. The welcoming feel of the farmers market makes it great for social gatherings.

“My favorite booth is the place where you get Tempeh, Tofu, etc. I’m not sure what it’s called, but it is delicious,” Hermosa Valley teacher Gretchen Vizzi said.

With all of the excitement of the farmers market, it makes a great reward for teachers to share with their students. Before COVID-19 fifth grade students went on trips to the farmers market with teachers. It gave them the opportunity to go outside of the campus during lunch and get fresh fruits and delicious food.

“I loved taking my class to the Farmer’s Market as a reward for excellent behavior and exceptional work,” Vizzi said.