Who is Mr. Hecker

Who is Mr. Hecker

Who is Mr. Hecker?

A huddle of sixth graders shivered in excitement as they were waiting in front of the door to room twelve. The 8:25 am bell rang obnoxiously which signaled class was about to start! A bald man with round, crystal clear glasses slowly but silently opened the door. The man quietly spoke, “Hello students, and welcome to my class. I am Mr. Hecker!”

Mr. Hecker is a local sixth grade teacher at Hermosa Valley Middle School. He has inspired and taught students for about seven  years! When you see Mr. H around campus he may seem like an average science teacher, but he is certainly not ordinary!

An average day in Hecker’s classroom is educational, exciting and extremely rad! First he has a question that relates to information that he taught the previous day. This question is known by the students as a daily Q. Next, the class reads the science textbook out loud. To justify the information he briefly explains, and if you are lucky he might tell a little story too! I asked Mr. H, What is one misconception that student think about you? He said,“I get the impression sometimes that students are extremely frightened of me to such an extent that they’re afraid to ask me anything or talk to me at lunch or after school. And it really breaks my heart.” Honestly he really is not that scary of a teacher, you probably heard a lot of negative rumors about him but they all are fake.

We all know that Mr. Hecker’s favorite animal is a water bear, but when I asked him what his favorite animal was, and he answered with an unexpected response! “A capybara, because they are the largest rodent in the world, very calm and beautiful. I’m probably not a fan of pets but if I were to have a pet, I would have a capybara. However I’ve studied that as an option and capybaras need a lot of attention and a lot of companionship! They are also easy to see, unlike water bears which would be my favorite small animal.” Hecker stated.

Mr. Hecker has lived most of his life here in Hermosa Beach! When I asked him if he ever moved out of California he responded,“Yes, my wife and I moved to Vermont for two years as a grand experiment. Also because studies show that it is the safest place to raise children in the nation. But we moved back to California because the winters in Vermont were way too cold it snowed from October to May and the temperature was below zero for days on end! Also the second year there we hit black ice and had a terrible automobile accident, in fact I put my head through the windshield!”

Now it’s time for a history lesson!

When you think about Mr. Hecker one word that will definitely not come to mind is rock ‘n’ roll! Did you know that before Mr. H became a teacher he went on tour for the band Redd Kross? Their songs were extremely popular in Spain and England. This impacted Hecker’s life dramatically when he toured overseas for multiple years and experienced many different places and cultures.

Mr. Hecker has lived in Hermosa Beach, California for his whole life! He even went to Hermosa Valley Middle School when he was a kid. When Mr. Hecker graduated to Mira Costa High School he set a track record for one hundred ten meter high hurdles in 14.56 seconds! This record was untouched for twenty-three long years.

As for a teacher, he is by far one of the most remembered teachers in the school. Students look forward to his exciting and fun class the whole day.

As you can see, you probably did not know Mr. Hecker as well as you thought! He loves science, rock n’ roll, and track and field. He had always loved science and now he has the opportunity to teach it. Kindness to the Cosmos!