Students Return to In-Person Learning With New Schedule

Students at Nutrition
Students at Hermosa Valley School stay socially distanced while still being able to enjoy having lunch with friends.

Hermosa Valley students have returned to in-person learning in March.

Following community health guidelines, students have been attending school with a block schedule that is coronavirus friendly. There have been mixed opinions and reactions about the new schedule. 

“The block schedule has its pros and cons,” Hermosa Valley School science teacher Hannah Loth said. “I wouldn’t say the block schedule is easier or harder, just different. It’s one more adjustment in a year full of changes-we are getting plenty of practice being flexible and going with the flow this year.”

Student in art class
HVS student Brooke M. creates a painting of Coca Cola in art class while wearing a mask to stay COVID-19 safe.

The block schedule consists of students going to school for half the day, while attending three out of their six classes. Masks are required to be worn throughout the day. Students are only allowed to take them off when eating during break. This has partly been a challenge with teachers having to remind students to put their masks up.

“I would like to not have masks throughout the entire school day and I want everything to be normal again. People’s opinion will probably change [too]. The environment will change as well,” HVS math teacher Monique Gonzalez said.

student in art class
HVS student, Aiden R., creates a painting in art class with plexiglass separating him from his seat partner to still be able to socialize with each other.

The Hermosa Beach City School District is constantly reevaluating how the school can operate given the health guidelines. 

“I share Governor Newsom’s optimism that as conditions continue to improve, and as all Californians continue common-sense measures, such as continuing to wear a mask and getting vaccinated, there is a clear pathway to a safe and full return to in-person teaching and learning this fall,” State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond said. (Source: “Gov. Newsom expects full in-person fall return to school after state scraps color-coded tiers”)

“I think that if we continue on the path we are going we will be back to six periods in one day,” HVS student Shaylen M. said.