Hermosa Beach Murals Project

Hermosa Mural #9 “Beatnik Alley” celebrates Hermosa’s Counter Culture in the 50s and 60s. This mural includes 13 people who bid to be in the painting. 

Hermosa Mural #8 “Punk and Skate in Hermosa —70s & 80s” was painted in 2018 on the corner of 13th Street and Hermosa Avenue. The artist who designed and painted this mural is Daniel Inez. 

Hermosa Mural #7 “Lifeguards in Hermosa” was painted on 13th Street and Hermosa Avenue by local Artist Joanna Garel to honor the Hermosa Beach lifeguards.

Hermosa Mural #6 “Volleyball in Hermosa” was painted and designed by Bo Bridges in 2016. This mural is a design of a volleyball player, going up to hit the ball. This is located on 13th Street and Beach Drive.

Hermosa Mural #5 “Hermosa’s Great Wave” was painted in May of 2015 by artist John Van Hamersveld on 14th Street and Hermosa Avenue. This mural consists of colorful designs and patterns, and surfers. 

Hermosa Mural #4 “Hermosa Swimwear Evolves” was painted in 2013 at 500 Pier Ave at Cypress Ave, by the local artist  Steve Shriver. This mural includes pictures of different people from different time periods. 

Hermosa Mural #3 ¨Hermosaś West Coast Jazz” was painted by John Pugh in 2012. The painting design is a hand holding a trumpet that looks to be 3D. It is located on 1007 Hermosa Ave and 11th Court.

Hermosa Mural #2 “Hermosa Splash Circa 1909” is located at 140 Pier Ave. South-West corner at Manhattan Avenue and was painted by  Chris Coakley. 

Hermosa Mural #1 ¨Hermosa Beach Pier Plaza Circa 1924″ was painted in 2011 and is located on 14th and Hermosa Ave. Art Mortimer is the artist and designer of this mural. 

Link to images of all the murals: Hermosa Murals Images