Tenth Mural planned for Hermosa Beach

Hermosa Beach Murals Project is a non-profit foundation whose goal is to dedicate 10 murals in 10 years to Hermosa Beach’s downtown area. The non-profit organization raises money through the sale of giclees, donations and memberships to pay for the artist, the prep work and installation of the murals.. The foundation wants to make downtown Hermosa Beach a beautiful place for businesses and a landmark area, while raising money.

Hermosa Beach Murals Project Director, Steve Izant, is overseeing the 10th Hermosa Mural.

It is not who, but “what” will be painted on our tenth and final mural. For Mural #10, it honors the Sand & Surf Club, a.k.a. The Biltmore Hotel,” Izant said.

Painting of the mural began early this month.

The 10th mural installed in Hermosa Beach will be featured on the site of what used to be the Bijou Theater. (Courtesy of http://www.hermosamurals.org/)

“The artist will start the week of March 8.  It will take a month to install and paint.  By install, I mean that the top half of the mural has been painted on fabric in the artist’s studio,” Izant said. “He then brings it to Hermosa and just like wallpaper, unrolls it and glues it to the wall. It is then covered with a protective sealer.  The surrounding elements and the wave at the bottom of the mural are painted on site.”

All nine murals are located in different areas of the city.

The average cost of our first nine murals varied between $25,000 to $35,000.  Mural Number 10 will cost in the neighborhood of $125,000.  All of our murals are primarily funded by donations from the citizens of Hermosa,” said Izant. 

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