Despite Distance, Student Council Plans School Events

Hermosa Valley School Student Council members have been meeting over zoom once a week talking about the online school year, board meetings and even some fun surprises for middle schoolers.

Due to social distancing, Kindness Week looked a little different this year. The Student Council Members planned all of the days and tried to make it fun despite being off campus. Student Body President Eva A. even made a kindness week playlist.

At the Hermosa Beach School Board’s board’s February meeting, Student Council members spoke about what each class has planned and their upcoming events over Zoom. They also talked about where some of the eighth grade students are planning on attending high school. 

Student Council President Eva A. and other council members meet via zoom to plan school events at a distance. (Courtesy of Eva A.)

“We’re going to proceed online even if students do go back to school we will have an online student council,” Eva A. said “This year we are really focused on bringing the light in the shadows of this pandemic.”

Student Council remains positive during these tough times. This year has definitely been hard on all grades but especially on the the newest students to middle school—sixth graders.

Student council has helped many students feel more connected to the middle school. 

“I joined student council because I [was a member] in fourth and fifth grade. I felt like student council was a great way to express that,”  sixth grade Vice President Hayley K. said. “I knew I would be a really good voice for the sixth grade student body.”

Hayley, Eva and the rest of the council remain positive and enthusiastic during these tough times. The Student Council will remain online for the rest of the year even if students return to school. This maybe be a crazy year but most will never forget it.