Winter Swells Bring Epic Surf

The winter swells that made headlines brought large surf to more than 200 surf breaks around the world. Hermosa Beach got a good part of it and many local students enjoyed the bonus of the bigger waves.

Winter swells brings big waves to the South Bay. (Courtesy of

 “The swell brought the waves to be much bigger. The biggest day I surfed was 5-6 feet. I surf a 5’9 hard top,” Seventh grade Hermosa Valley student Logan W. said.

“The winter swells are amazing this year. I ride a 5’8 Pyzel,”  seventh grade Hermosa Valley student Chinny H. said. “ The biggest day that I surfed was 5-7 feet with an occasional 8 footer. I did watch at the jetty when it was 13 feet.”

Although not a local surf spot, Mavericks, located nearly 400 miles north of Hermosa Beach, is another famous spot to watch. Waves have been over 40 feet during the recent swell.

The recent winter swell brought record waves to famous surf spots like Maverick’s. (Courtesy of

Mavericks, at one point, was a secret surf spot that was discovered by the public in 1994 because of a teenager named Jay Moriarty. He had planned to surf Mavericks during the winter swell called El Nino which brought Mavericks some of the biggest waves the world has ever seen. On that day surfing culture found one of the best surfers ever. Moriarty’s historic ride was a 55 foot wave that went down the coast and after that wave he paddled into shore and got surrounded. Seven years later after his historic ride he died free diving in the Bahamas.

Now in 2021 Mavericks has become one of the most popular big wave spots in the world. On January 30, Mavericks got hit with another part of the winter swell and produced 40 to 75 foot waves. Sponsored surfer by red bull Kai lenny said

“[It was] one of the biggest days I have surfed there,” Red Bull sponsored surfer Kai Lenny said in a recent interview.

One of the most recent contests was the Billabong Pro held at Pipeline. (Courtesy of

California was not the only coast to enjoy the winter swell. Pipeline on the island of Oahu, also experienced a record season of surf. Pipeline is world renowned for its big waves and amazing barrels. On February 14, Pipeline had a good run with the waves all day. The so called “Valentine’s Swell” had up to 23 foot faces and 13 feet off the back of the wave. Many contests happen at Pipeline like the Pipe pro and Pipeline Masters.