Distance Learning Creates Challenge for Yearbook Club

Despite distance learning, Hermosa Valley School plans to publish a yearbook.

I think that it’s important to have a yearbook this year because while it’s a difficult time for a lot of people, it’s still a big part of history and I think students will want to look back on this year and remember what it was like.” seventh grade Yearbook Club member Scarlet S. said.

Even if we are in lockdown right now these students are still finding ways to get this school yearbook out with being as safe as possible.

Yearbook Photographer
Due to closed campuses, student photographers are unable to capture typical school events. Parents and students are encouraged to submit photos for the annual yearbook. (Courtesy of jostensyearbook.com)

“Even though we can’t all be on campus together, we’re still experiencing the same difficulties and triumphs with distance learning. In the yearbook we will try to remind everyone that even though things look different, the school year can still be successful,” Scarlet S. said.

The Yearbook Club is busy planning how to fill the yearbook while the campus is closed.

“I think that we will be able to fill up the yearbook this year because a lot of students jump at the chance to be featured in the yearbook, and many others are willing to be interviewed and send in pictures.” Said Scarlet S.

Yearbook Club is reaching out to parents, students and teachers to help create content.

“Teachers are the bridge to getting information out to students, so it’s easiest if they hand-pick a few students they think would like to be interviewed or ask their students to volunteer,” said Scarlet S. “It’s also helpful to have parents send in pictures.”

Photos may be submitted at Yearbook Valley Photo Submissions (User ID: 416103983) (photo format: StudentFirstNameLastName_Grade_Topic (ex: JohnSmith_8_Pets.jpg) *Please note that this link is to submit for the VALLEY Yearbook only*