Students Adapt to Online School

Ever since March of last year, students have been attending online school due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Now that they have been in online school for almost a year now, many have adapted to the new schedule.

When the school year first started, schools used Zoom conferencing to teach school online. Zoom is a video-call app that works like Facetime. Some students like to work without Zoom, and some prefer the teacher-student connection through the screen. However, some classes are easier to do online.

“My favorite Zoom class is art, because the projects are fun and I can do it easily in my room,” Manhattan Beach Middle School student Maya S. said. “P.E. is my least favorite, because I have to log my exercise and I find it boring.”

Online school doesn’t just affect the students themselves, it also affects their life outside of school. With more students staying at home, teachers assign more work, which leaves the students with barely any free time.

“Online school has taken up a lot of my time because of the work”, Hermosa Valley student Jordana J. said.

Hermosa Valley Schools have been in distance learning for nearly a year. (Courtesy of

Students also have adjusted to working in their homes. It can be hard to block out distractions when they are sitting at home. Some may feel uncomfortable because a private part of their life is now exposed to everyone. Still, some find working from home more comfortable.

“One of my favorite parts about online school is the fact that I get to be in my own environment,” said Jordana J. “I wouldn’t want to go back to school because I like being in my own space.”