Zooming in the Classroom

Ms. Brown

Courtesy of Danika Brown

Ms. Brown makes zooms more fun by having her students put a sticker on her face when they get a question right.

Online school is not very fun for most students, but many Hermosa Valley teachers have found a way to make it creative and fun to hold students’ focus and attention.

Teachers have many tips about zooms and what will make students want to be engaged and focused. It’s important to have the right equipment for distance learning.

“I have a monitor to see all of my students at once, so I know when they are participating,” Hermosa Valley math teacher Danika Brown said. “I love to do fun math raps, giveaway raffles, and keep the students entertained and really anything that makes them feel appreciated and noticed is great!”

Teaching creatively via Zoom is a challenge. But students appreciate the extra effort.

“I think that a lot of teachers have been thinking of new ways to teach over zoom, because they are not able to be there and ensure that their students are paying attention,” sixth grade Hermosa Valley student Peyton M. said. “I like going into breakout rooms, and being able to freely use the chat, along with interactive games! I tend to really look forward to teachers classes who make zooms fun and interesting.”

Tracking student engagement during distance learning is difficult. Ms. Brown likes to use the whiteboard feature on zoom.

“It keeps them engaged, because middle schoolers just want to be seen and heard. Especially over the computer, they miss showing off who they are and so it is fun for them to feel seen and feel heard,” she said.