Kindness Comes From You

kindness week

Courtesy of HVS Student Council

Student Council created a Kindness Week calendar including spirit days and acts of kindness challenges.

Kindness Week was held in January to encourage the Hermosa Valley students and staff to express kindness through small deeds and tasks. Students took part in these activities to show appreciation towards their teachers and peers.

Kindness Week involved helping loved ones, putting in extra work around the house and conveying gratitude towards parents and teachers. 

“Kindness Week is super cool because it’s a great way to spread positivity to others,” seventh grade student Logan W. said.

Kindness Week allowed students and teachers to bring joy to others with small, yet powerful acts. Even though HVS does this annual event for only one week, staff still motivates students to continue to show respect on a daily basis. 

“I do my best to reach out to family, and I try to be kind everyday of my life,” math teacher Monique Gonzalez said. 

Every day of the week, at the start of the period, teachers would inform their students about the activities going on that day. Some of these activities included, dressing in sports and collage gear to represent being tied together by kindness. 

 “I plan on doing everything that is outlined from the student council, and I encourage my students to do the same,” language arts teacher Leslie Lee said.