Crazy Weather Conditions Leave Beaches Trashy


Courtesy of Milly M.

Lily S. and Milly M. participate at a cleanup at a local park.

If you live in the South Bay you have probably been visiting the beaches and outdoors more than ever! During the Covid-19 pandemic, more people are going to the beaches. This has resulted in more trash being left behind. Having dirty beaches can hurt sea animals as well as people trying to enjoy a day at the beach. Students are volunteering at beach cleanups and keeping the beaches clean.

Recent stormy weather conditions caused trash to get deposited up and down the beach. Many are trying to help out by picking up lots of trash throughout the beaches.

“I do beach cleanups to help clean the beach and make it better for the animals and environment,” seventh grade Hermosa Valley student Estelle F. said. “But there was even more trash to be picked up.”

Cleanups are sponsored by different organizations such as National Charity League, Surfrider Organization and Heal the Bay. NCL is a charity league that spans all over the country. NCL partners with Heal the Bay Organization to organize beach and park cleanups. 

“I do beach clean ups because I love to save the world,” NCL member and MBMS student Lily S. said. “I participate in clean ups every month or two for the organization.” 

Participating in beach cleanups is great for the environment and the animals of both the sea and the land to continue to live and be free from pollution. Another organization who raises money and cleans the beaches is Surfrider. Surfrider’s mission is to reduce the plastic population, ocean protection, beach access, clean water, and coastal preservation. 

Despite the many organizations volunteering, help is still needed.

“At my last cleanup, I picked up around 50-60 pieces of trash, but there was even more.” Estelle F. said.

There shouldn’t be that much trash, so do your part and help!