Math Club: the happiest Zoom on Earth

Math Puzzle

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Math Club puzzles will typically have a theme that has to do with recent events, like Groundhog’s day, Christmas, or Halloween.

Not many people have been to Math Club, because they don’t enjoy math. It might surprise you to know though, Math Club is more than just math. 

“It’s fun and quirky,” Hermosa Valley Math Club Vice President Capri  T said. “It’s the experience with the people there, that makes math club fun.”

Each Math Club meeting begins with a fun puzzle that everyone from fifth grade to seventh grade tries to solve. After the puzzle, the group plays some fun games and socializes.

  “ [Math Club] is more than math problems, it’s the people, the games, and the interactions,” Capri T. said.

In Math Club, students are allowed to create their own games and present them to the class which adds to the overall creativity of the club. This element of the club gets students to keep coming back.

It can get pretty crazy and energetic, but I let it because of the fun everyone has,” Math Club Host Danika Brown said. “These students just need some fun during this pandemic.”

Math Club overall, is a fun and exciting lunch club that any Hermosa Valley student, and even former HVS students, can join! There’s games, there’s puzzles and there’s chatting with friends one hasn’t seen in what feels like forever.

“Math club is such a good place to be at. It’s so friendly and welcoming,” Capri T. said.