Redondo Photographer Captures the Beauty of Local Wildlife


Courtesy of Nanci Lewis

Local photographer, Nanci Lewis, captured a large pod of dolphins surfing on the Esplanade of Redondo Beach.

Local photographer, Nanci Lewis, captured a large pod of dolphins surfing a wave on the esplanade of Redondo Beach.

Her photo gained popularity on the Nextdoor app, as well as on Instagram @nancilewisphotos, with many contacting Lewis about it. Her images have been admired by various students at school.

Lewis enjoys capturing photos of all wildlife in its natural habitat. (Nanci Lewis @nancilewisphotos)

These photos make me feel very peaceful, happy and excited” seventh grade Hermosa Valley student Capri T. said. “Dolphins often represent bright-minded and playfulness, which makes me want to get up and do something outside. “

Lewis also captures local animals in their natural habitat. She has been a Redondo resident for 45 years and covers everything from lions to bees.

“I love taking pictures of fall foliage and wildlife, as well as many things right here in the South Bay such as dolphins, pelicans and other birds,” Lewis said. “Every year, I go to New England or Colorado in the fall. The colors of the leaves are magnificent. I love taking pictures at our national parks, particularly Rocky Mountain National park and, most of all, Yellowstone.”

Lewis is self-taught, and very experienced in the art of photography.

“I’ve been taking photos for most of my life. I started taking them when I was very young with a Polaroid Instant Camera that developed the film right after it came out of the camera, one photo at a time,” Lewis said.