Learning Pods Pop Up


Photo by Marcus G.

Hermosa Beach students attend an after school pod outdoors.

During this time of social distancing a new type of learning has hit Hermosa Beach by surprise—learning pods. These pods can take place in homes, schools, and even parks. Obviously there are risks to gathering and the more students in a pod the more chances of getting COVID-19. Pods are usually limited one teacher, tutor, or parent for every 3 – 10 students per group.In addition, many pods are held outside.

Many students have joined learning pods to help expand attention spans during online learning. For one week learning pods cost anywhere from $30 – $100.

Some teachers who can no longer teach in person have found employment in pods.

“I knew that I was moving to California and I wanted to teach in person so I decided to do pods.” said Mr. Samuelson, a pod teacher in Hermosa Beach.

Pods are a great way to keep kids active and help kids retain thoughts. 

“ I would rather be in pods because online schooling is very distracting.” said Cooper M, Hermosa Valley School student.