Vista to join View and Valley Schools


Photo Courtesy of HBCSD

The North School campus is undergoing renovation. It is set to open as Hermosa Vista School in February 2021.

North School, a Hermosa Beach City School District campus that hasn’t been open for the students since 1984, is reopening. Originally opened on July 1, 1980, it will be reopened  for grades four and five in February 2021. These grades are currently attending school at Hermosa Valley School.

Measure S, passed in June 2016 by Hermosa Beach voters, funded $59 million to rebuild North School to help with overcrowding at Hermosa Valley and View Schools. The additional space will eliminate the use  of portable classrooms at both schools.
North School will include many new buildings.

“North School will include a new, two-story classroom building with the administration on the ground level and the library on the 2nd level with approximately 30,000 square feet,“ said Paula Montalbo, the business manager at HBCSD. “Also, a Multi-purpose room with a kitchenette with approximately 4,000 square feet and related parking, play areas, and play fields.”
In the 1980s, the school started to lose enrollment. Because of this, North School was leased out to other programs, and was unestablished on December 2, 1989. “The school was closed due declining enrollment in the 1980’s. The district leased out the campus to other local programs,” said Montalbo.

The school, though previously called North School, will now be called Hermosa Vista School. 
The campus is scheduled to open in February.
Sources: The Beach Reporter, California Department of Education