Hairless Bunny is Internet Sensation


Photo Courtesy of Cassandra Hall

Due to a hairless gene, Mr. Bigglesworth is not a typical furry bunny.

A hairless bunny named Mr.Bigglesworth and his owner Cassandra Hall have formed an unlikely friendship. 

Mr. Bigglesworth is a bunny with a common condition found in many bunnies. According to, “If two rabbits are with each other and both of them have the ff gene (hairless gene), they will produce a hairless baby in every litter. Such was the case of Mr. Bigglesworth.” While Mr.Bigglesworth’s siblings were being sold away, Cassandra Hall was determined to save the little hairless bunny. After seeing the Facebook ad and finding out that Bigglesworth would soon be put down she became committed to helping him. She got him for free and began to take care of him.

After realizing Mr.Bigglesworth is so unique Hall decided to share his story on Instagram. After being featured on The Dodo (A media brand who shares animal’s stories and fights for animal rights) his story blew up and people started following him. After Hall created an Instagram page, @mrbigglesorthrabbit

soon has grossed over 100k followers. Mr. Bigglesworth continues to inspire people all over the world every day. Even people in the small town of Hermosa Beach.

“I think that the (lack) of fur gives him more flare…I think that a bunny even without fur is cute,” said Lexie M., Hermosa Valley student. 

Not all, however, are fans.

Bunny in sweater
Mr. Bigglesworth has hundreds of thousands of fans around the world. Many send him sweaters to wear. (Photo Courtesy of Cassandra Hall)

“He kinda looks like a hairless rat and in my opinion that isn’t cute and he’s a little ugly,” said Alexa G., Hermosa Valley Student.

 “He’s very ugly. I don’t find him very attractive and since he has no hair it kind of scares me,” said Jessie A., Hermosa Valley student.

 They all have different opinions about Mr. Bigglesworh, but Mr. Bigglesworth doesn’t have to be cute to be a sweet boy. 

Now Mr.Bigglesworth lives a wonderful life with a marvelous family, fans, and supporters. He recently came out with merchandise that is being sold to raise money for victims of the Australian wildfires. Mr. Bigglesworth gets so much love from every single one of his fans, people from all around the world send him sweaters. Many people have seen his story on The Dodo and admire him. All of his supporters and fans will support him no matter what.