Puppies Stealing Hearts in Hermosa Beach


Photo Courtesy of Stella S.

With more time at home, many families have found extra time to love a new puppy.

During quarantine, families in Hermosa Beach have welcomed a new family member into their house-a dog! 

Quarantine has caused everyone to stay at home more leading to boredom. 

“My parents thought it would be fun to have a dog, also my brother and I really wanted a dog because we were bored,” said AJ W., Hermosa Valley student. 

To eliminate this boredom families have been getting dogs. “[The dog] gives us more company and more stuff to do,” said Luca S., Hermosa Valley student

With the added entertainment though comes a bigger responsibility for everyone in the household. 

“[My dog] takes a lot of time out of [my] day to walk him,” said AJ W.

“She chews everything up and is getting bigger so we’re feeding her more,” said Stella S. , Hermosa Valley student.

A big question that will be hard to answer for most families is what will happen to the dog when families go back to work and school.

 “We’ll take the dog to doggy day-care when nobody is around and crate train her better when we go back to school,” said Stella S. 

Dogs are very high on the leaderboard when it comes to getting pets in Hermosa Beach.  

“Dogs are nicer, and our dad prefers dogs than cats,” said Stella S. “Cats also have litter boxes.” 

When owners return to work and school, these “covid puppies” may need to adjust to less attention. (Photo Courtesy of AJ W.)

Families also want something that brings comfort and a little more happiness into their home. Dogs are known for having these traits so people want to get them in this time of uncertainty. Dogs are great stress relievers and protectors. 

According to wag.com, “Protecting the pack comes to them naturally and instinctively as it does to domesticated dogs who have inherited the survival trait.”

Dogs will love someone as much as they love them back. Dogs think of a family as a pack so they inherit the trait of protecting the pack from their wolf ancestors.