Fun In South Bay during COVID-19

During a worldwide pandemic many of your fun excursions are closed due to safety guidelines. It may feel like you’re out of  activities  to do, but you’re in luck, here are three ways friends and family can have fun during the Pandemic.

South Bay is home to many beautiful beaches. If you’re looking to have a thrilling time you might try surfing, boogie boarding, swimming, paddling, or simply diving through the waves. If you’d rather not get wet, walk along the shore, sun tan, take a nap, or read a book. 

Each beach in the South Bay is favored by citizens for different reasons. 

“Manhattan Beach’s 23rd Street, 26th Street, and 1st Street are the best for surfing. Hermosa’s 22nd Street and Pier are best for family fun,”  said Coral C., Hermosa Valley student.  

Some benefits of 22nd street and Pier are the convenience stores and restrooms. 

“Longfellow in Hermosa is a great beach because of the sandwich/convenience store nearby,” said Finlee M, student at Rolling Hills Country Day. There are so many fun ways to enjoy the beach, and hopefully you can discover your favorite activity.

Hook & Plow
Hook & Plow Restaurant (Photo courtesy of Yelp)

Are you getting hungry? If so, Hermosa Beach has many local restaurants. If you coast along Pier Avenue you will see a variety of places to enjoy a nice meal.

“Hook and plow is a nice restaurant with a beachy vibe inside. If you decide to try Hook and Plow I recommend ordering the Fuccacaki Fries,” said Luke L. from Hermosa Beach.

Hermosa also has great dessert places like Baked Bear and Paradise ice cream. Baked Bear is a town favorite, thanks to their cookie/ice cream sandwiches. Paradise makes homemade ice cream, and is right nextdoor to a Starbucks.

Spyder Surf Shop
Spyder Surf Shop (Photo Courtesy of FaceBook)

Hermosa has a bunch of local surf  shops that are fun to browse through. Downtown there is a Spyder Surf, and Beckers surfboards. Further from the beach on Pacific Coast Highway you can find a Jacks surfboard. All three stores have a variety of bathing suits, beachy clothes, cover ups, and other items. Overall any shop in Hermosa would be fun to browse through, because you never know what you might like.

If you live in Hermosa, are visiting with friends, or just looking for some fun activities please consider our recommendations. We appreciate you reading our article, and if you have any questions feel free to email me at .