What you don’t need about the food you love!


  Have you ever eaten at Wendy’s? Well if you have, you probably won’t want to eat there anymore. 

For one thing, their chili is made out of old hamburger meat. Ew. They also use old potatoes and they store their potatoes in containers on the ground. They put coffee water in their liquid cheese and the cheese sauce is lumpy. Also, the bacon that they use is a couple of days old.  Finally, most of the time they don’t even clean their frosty machine!


 Burger king


 I suggest if you eat at Burger king you might want to read this first. Their food is loaded with fat, their meat sauce is made out of bones and carcass, and they have dust in their salads! They put ammonia and cheap meat in their hamburgers. Also, their fish patties are grey and unappetizing. Another reason you should not order from Burger King is that they let their fish sit out for weeks.


Taco Bell


Taco Bell can be pretty tasty but l hear they keep their oil uncovered and that it has things floating in it.  Their red sauce is really just a powder they add water to, and their cinnamon twists are just deep fried rotini pasta.  The XXL Grilled stuft Burrito 870 calories per serving, almost half of those calories come from fat. Eating one of these also loads you up with about 90 percent of your daily sodium allowance. The Mountain Dew Baja Blast is essentially icy soda made with only chemicals and artificial coloring. This unnaturally-colored drink contains zero nutrients and 51 grams of carbs — all of which are sugar, in a 16-ounce serving. You probably shouldn’t eat here unless, for some reason, you think this sounds good.



Chick-fil-A is a popular food chain they are known for their original chicken, but they aren’t as they seem.


First, Business Insider reports Chick-fil-A’s “waffle fries have a few downsides. They’re generally less crispy, and you have to deal with those strange, oddly shaped ‘fry butts.’” 


Many chain restaurants have loyalty programs. But usually, they want to make it easy for customers to enroll. Not Chick-fil-A. The chain has a loyalty program — called the A-List — that requires potential members to be invited by another member to join. The program is supposedly open to anyone.


Chick-Fil-A also fries its chicken in peanut oil. The company brags it’s the biggest buyer of U.S. peanut oil. The peanut oil contributes to the taste of the chain’s chicken sandwich. But it’s also naturally free of trans fats, free of cholesterol, and low in saturated fat. That might sound like a healthy option but you have to remember it’s still fried chicken. Finally, Serious Eats reports peanut oil is great for deep-frying but it’s less than ideal for the growing number of Americans with peanut allergies.